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1840s Tail Suit from a LACMA Exhibit

ImageThis is a typical tail suit from just before the period that is the primary focus of my website - but since men are notoriously slow to cast aside unfashionable garments that still fit, this is, with the exception of the shirt collar and tie (which seems to be an area where men did keep up with the times) what you might see on an older, more conservative man until the early '60s.

1910 Sack Suit from a LACMA Exhibit

ImageThis is a very sober, typical business suit of the early 20th Century. Note the commuter-friendly ticket pocket on the outside of the coat.

1880s Sack Suit from a LACMA Exhibit

ImageThe sack suit in these images dates from around 1880. While most sack suits of the time tended to be in sober colors like black and dark gray, a general exception seemed to apply for plaid and plaid sack suits. While not a dominant style, they were not uncommon and allowed a rare opportunity for exuberance in a period of otherwise restrained male fashions.

Brown Top Hat

A mid 19th Century brown beaver top hat.

Man's Shirt

A white cotton man's dress shirt.

Black Wool Vest

A black wool man's day vest from the late 19th or early 20th Century.

Morning Coat

An early 20th century or late 19th Century black wool morning coat.

Black Wool Frock Coat

A black wool early 20th Century wool frock coat.

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