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This website is built on a software called "Drupal". One of the most interesting features of Drupal is its ability to allow for multiple authors who can create content without knowledge of HTML or expensive software like DreamWeaver.

So far, most of what you find on "Mass Historia" is from me (Walter Nelson). However, it doesn't have to be and I would love it if it could also serve as a vehicle for the contributions of others.

Calendar contributor

The simplest contribution would be to simply add events to the calendar. If you are involved in any sort of historically themed living history, education, dance or music; and would like to have a way to get the word out, let me know.

If you are the sort of person who loves to do historical research and also loves to share it with others, and you would like a web forum to do it, let's talk. I am looking for content relating to social history, dance, music, costume, handicrafts, martial arts or what ever you might have to offer. The content should be accessible to a lay audience, derived from primary sources (which are cited) and not subject to outside copyright (you would retain the rights to all of your original content).

Historical Organization

In addition to this site, I have launched, under the auspices of the Los Encinos State Historic Park Docents, a site called "Historicparks.org". The purpose of this site is to serve as a means for historical societies to make their resources available to the public and for them to provide a web portal into their news and activities.

If this sounds interesting, let me know.


Walter Nelson