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Contributing to the Calendar

To contribute content to the calendar, you need to be set up with an account by the administrator. Contact Walter Nelson to request an account.

What goes in the calendar
This is a calendar of vintage dance and history events in Southern California. Here are some of the events that would be included:

  • A vintage dance ball
  • A vintage dance class
  • A historical music concert
  • A living history event at a local historic site
  • A lecture on costume, history or dance
  • A battle re-enactment
  • A costumers' shopping fair or yard sale
  • A convention of interest to historical costumers or dancers
  • A picnic, cocktail party or other social event where historical costumes are encouraged

Here are some events I don't usually include

  • Theatrical events, unless it is a serious attempt at recreating how it would have been performed in the past
  • A film screening
  • A civic celebration or parade with only a small amount of historical content (e.g. there are re-enactors in the Rose Parade--but it doesn't go on this calendar)
  • A "members only" event
  • An event that claims to have a historical theme, but has little or no historical content. For example, a "Gatsby" party that has a DJ playing the hits of the '80s.
  • An event that runs for more than four or five days, like a museum exhibition

What is "Southern California"?
I would like to limit the content of this calendar to things that happen within the following counties

  • Los Angeles
  • Orange
  • Riverside
  • San Bernardino
  • Kern
  • Ventura
  • Santa Barbara
  • San Diego

To try to include the entire state would be a bit too much, and would overwhelm the local content.

How to enter content

  • Check to make sure the event isn't already on the calendar
  • Go to http://walternelson.com/dr and click on the "Admin Login" link (note, if this is not your first login, your browser may log you in automatically. If you see a menu on the right side that has "create content" as an option, you are logged in)
  • Select "Create Content"
  • Select "Event"
  • Fill in the blanks. You may upload images and related files (event fliers for example). When you are done uploading, click "save".

When creating a title for an event, be sure you include the city or area where it is located. This will help users decide if they even need to click through for more information (example: "Jazz Age Ball - Long Beach").

Be sure to include the time, place and link to a website for more information. You don't have a practical limit to how much information you post about an event, but the more you post the more you are in danger of having something change and become obsolete. It is best to be concise and then link to a website run by the organizers.

Note: a website to link to for more information is VERY important. Few things irritate Walter more than having to field questions for events he has nothing to do with just because the calendar listing neglected to provide appropriate contact or website information.