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Elements of the Art of Dancing - 1822

View the Complete DocumentElements of the Art of Dancing: With a Description of the Principal Figures of the Quadrille. Alexader Strathy. 1822.

While this book slightly post-dates the period generally referred to as "Regency", it is extremely valuable in that it lays out the steps used in Regency dance. It is the general abandonment of these steps in modern English Country Dance that makes our modern practice unhistorical.

This book was downloaded from the Library of Congress Website, where it is presented a page at a time. I have compiled it into a single PDF to facilitate printing and sharing.

Edinburgh, Printed for the author, and sold by F. Pillans [etc.] 1822.

One of the most important manuals devoted to the performance of early nineteenth-century quadrilles, Strathy divides this manual into two parts. Part one is an extensive treatment of exercises for the improvement of one's deportment. Part two provides lucid descriptions for more than twenty steps appropriate for the performance of the quadrille, a popular ballroom dance performed by four couples who face each other in a square. Additionally, Strathy provides combinations of steps for the most common figures of the quadrille. The manual concludes with directions, given in French and English, for eleven quadrille figures.

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