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An Analysis of Country Dancing - 1808


This work provides helpful diagrams of the common figures of the Country Dance as well as an informative chapter on etiquette and the management of a ballroom.

This is from the Library of Congress collection, and here is what they say about it:
London, Printed by W. Calvert, to be had to Mr. Dutton [etc.] 1808.

This is the first of several books published by Wilson on the subject of English country dancing. Performed as a series of figures by a column of men facing a column of women, the English country dance was one of the most popular early nineteenth-century ballroom dances. Although the manual has a section on ballroom etiquette, it is most useful for its text, tables, and color-coded diagrams, which explain the figures. This edition is dedicated to Madame Desayes, principal dancer at the King's Theatre, where Wilson held the post of dancing master. The manual was expanded and reissued in 1811 and 1822, and a version was published in 1815 entitled The complete system of English country dancing.

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