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b. Setting


There are numerous places in a Country Dance when you will be directed to "set", "balance", "foot it", "do the Scottish step" or any number of other things meaning to bounce around in place - or pop from side to side but end up where you started.

There is no one way to set, and it is one of the best chances for a dancer, especially a man, to show off his terpsichorean prowess.

For those who know the "Pas de Basque", that's a good choice. The Pas de Rigadon will also work, but is not for the faint of heart. You can also improvise, as long as the improvisation fits the music and does not present a hazard to your fellow dancers.

For those who want a simple thing to do when the time comes to set, I would suggest the following.

(Moving side to side) Step right, bring your left foot parallel to your right, step in place with your right. Step left, bring your right foot parallel and then step in place with your right. You can mix it up by placing the trailing foot behind or in front of the leading foot, rather than parallel.

This step works better if you do it on your toes rather than flat footed, and make it lively and springy.

You will, from time to time, be instructed to "Set advancing". This usually involves a variation of the above simple setting step, but instead of stepping to the side, take a little hop to your destination with your leading foot, and then bring up your trailing foot, and then step in place.