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Film Library - Jazz Age Dance

ImageThe core of my research into the social dances of the Jazz Age has been old films. In the process, I have assembled a fairly extensive library of film clips, edited down for use in online and in-person instruction. Much of it, due to the perils of copyright and YouTube's draconian policies, I have had to keep off the Internet, but much of it I can share.

Here is my online film library. Most of these are already embedded in web pages that address particular dance styles, but here they are for those who wish to focus on the films, unencumbered by my ramblings and random observations.

I have used "tags" to sort these, and the links below will execute a search that brings up all the films that have that tag. For this reason, there will be a lot of overlap. If you click "1930s", you'll see all the 1930s films, and if you click "Tango", you'll see all the Tango films that also appear in the 1930s category.

This collection does not include the few films I have embedded that come from YouTube accounts other than mine. I should note that I used to link to a lot of film clips that weren't mine, but nearly all those accounts have been shut down by YouTube for copyright violations - hence my caution about putting all my stuff up on the web.

Film Categories