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Dancing Made Easy - 1922

ImageI have made a lot of use of this book in my "Jazz Age Dancing" project. It is refreshingly clear and straight forward, and aims at the same beginner-to-advanced audience I seek. It also lays out in a very succinct form the general view of things ballroom at the beginning of the Jazz Age.

Note that the cover shown here is from the 1919 edition, but I link to the 1922 edition. I do this for no other reason than the 1919 one was ever so much prettier - an indication perhaps of changing tastes in the post-Great War era.

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The dances covered are:

  • The Waltz
  • Novelties, Marches, etc
  • The Fox Trot
  • The One Step
  • Ramble
  • The Waltz
  • The Paul Jones
  • The Canter
  • The Schottish Espagnole
  • The Pivot
  • The Virginia Reel
  • The Octillion

Dancing made easy

Author: Coll, Charles J; Rosiere, Gabrielle
Publisher: New York : E. J. Clode

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