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The Gigolo's Tango

The signature dance of the gigolo, as depicted in a selection of old movies. A nice review of what a polished Tango looked like in the '30s and '40s.

Argentine Tango - 1934: Dance Scenes from Questa Abajo with Carlos Gardel

I have extracted the two Argentine Tango scenes from this Carlos Gardel film

Tangos From The 1933 Argentine Film "TANGO!"

Part of my dance-in-old-films project: I've extracted the numerous Tango scenes from the 1933 Argentine film "TANGO!". Please forgive the lousy sound. I contemplated replacing it with a nice recording, but then concluded that its value as a historical artifact is enhanced by hearing the music to which they are dancing, even if it is muddy and tinny.

Jazz Age Tango Mix

A selection of clips from 1920s and 30s movies illustrating the simplicity, romanticism and sensuality of the Tango of the Jazz Age. Includes clips from "Die Buchse der Pandora", "Her Majesty, Love", "Abwege" and "Prix de Beaute".

French Tango Instruction 1927

A Pathe short film showing the basic steps of the French Tango of 1927. I added a sound track (it was silent) and trimmed out the second part, which was an odd bit with two small children dancing the Charleston. The music is Tino Rossi singing Ecris Moi.

How to Dance the Tango 1930

This film from the Netherlands in 1930 shows the standard ballroom Tango as practiced in Europe and North America in "The Jazz Age", to include some very nice close ups of footwork. Thank you to the "Internet Archive" for this footage. The music is "La Cumparsita" sung by Tito Schipa (also from 1930)

Louise Brooks Dances the Tango

Louise Brooks dancing the Tango in the 1930 film Prix de Beaute.

Dancing in a Berlin Nightclub - 1928

Dance scenes from "Abwege" (1928) showing Foxtrot and Tango in a posh Berlin nightclub.

Tango Eine Nacht in Monte Carlo: Marek Weber und sein Orchester
Foxtrot Arpaneetta: Robert Gaden und sein Orchester
Foxtrot Ungaarwein: Barnabas von Geczy und sein Orchester

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