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4. Regency Waltzes

ImageThe term "Waltz" in the Regency era was a bit less precise than it is now. The familiar 3-4 time we associate with the Waltz was not an absolute requirement. "Waltz" seems like it could refer to any dance where two people rotated together, either as partners through the whole dance or in a figure that was part of a set dance.

There were four distinct classes of partner Waltzes.

1. The German Waltz
2. The Slow French Waltz
3. The Sautuese Waltz
4. The Jetté Waltz

In addition, there are a number of set dances which called themselves waltzes, but which are varied enough in structure that I am reluctant to make a broad pronouncement that all such dances should be performed in some particular way. Each, I fear, will have to be addressed and deciphered on its own.

In "Mr Nelson's System", I will for the moment exclude the German Waltz and the Jetté Waltz as being too different from our concept of the Waltz, and focus on bringing an understanding of the Regency style in the more familiar 3-4 waltz step. This will mean a focus on the Slow French Waltz with a brief digression to the Sauteuse.

I will save the less familiar waltz variations for a time when we have thoroughly digested the French Slow Waltz, and are hungry for new challenges.

I have discussed the Regency Waltz elsewhere on this website. For more background on the Waltz, see "Thos. Wilson's Description of Regency Waltzing 1816"