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Drupal Basics - Computers in Libraries Presentation

Attached are my PowerPoint slides for the presentation I gave on the basics of Drupal at the Computers in Libraries conference on March 22nd 2011 in Washington DC.

Is is invariably the case with PowerPoint (at least my PowerPoint) the slides only present a general outline, and the real soul of the presentation is in the narrative.

I hope, however, that it might be somewhat useful.

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Good slides - I wasn't at your presentation

I started using Drupal about 2 yrs ago, after you suggested I look into it.
You do not have to be a software professional or programmer in any language, but a little bit of HTML knowledge helps a lot.
There is a learning curve (it took me a month or so of tinkering); understanding the jargon is half the battle.
Version 7 is easier and quicker to use if you are new to Drupal. In addition to quite extensive on-line freebee tutorials and videos, there are quite a few good books for Drupal beginners.
I also had some performance issues (pages taking more than 5 seconds to load), usually quickly fixed by calling my hosting service. The problem was often another user hogging the server.