Vintage and Costume Yard Sale in Reseda

04/07/2019 10:00 am
04/07/2019 4:00 pm

Sunday, April 7, 2019 at 10 AM – 4 PM

Strathern House: 19146 Strathern St. Reseda CA 91335

Join us for a backyard sale of vintage clothing, costumes (fantasy, historical), small antiques, jewelry, accessories, books and all sorts of stuff of interest to people who like to dress up in interesting clothes.

We will have multiple sellers, each with their own set of treasures to sell.

Note: questions like "Do you have an evening coat in my size" will go unanswered. We really can't tell before hand what each vendor will have.

Some vendors may be cash & check only. Others may take credit cards.

There's plenty of room on this half-acre lot, and we are currently looking for additional sellers. There is no cost to the seller.

If you are interested in selling, send a message via the "Contact" link.

Vendors so far:
Walter Nelson & Sheila Murphy-Nelson
Veronica Gonzalez-Rubio
Jeff Bissiri
Athene Kovacic
Cynthia Livesay
Toni Czechorosky
Sandra Lee Nelson
Phillip Dye
Debra Christofferson
Beth Bradshaw
Regina Whitcomb
Charlotte Del Rose & Christina Coffey
Marsha Stevenson
Linda Bredemann
Sheilah Kodime

There is ample street parking in the neighborhood.

Go to Facebook to RSVP and for updates and discussion:

Some vendor notes: there is very little shade. You would be advised to bring some sort of shade with you. You will be able to drive onto the lot. There is a locked gate on the back yard if you wish to set up on Saturday.

Rain or swampy conditions caused by rain will postpone this event.