Unofficial Jane Austen Day at the Huntington

01/26/2020 10:00 am

From a Facebook event at:

This is an UNOFFICIAL gathering of friends, not associated directly with The Huntington Library, Art Collections, and Botanical Gardens, though they know we are coming and welcome us in our Jane Austen attire! We started in 2018 and are growing! We started as a way to spend time with those in town for the Jane Austen Evening Ball making it a weekend affair. People enter and leave as they wish. There is not set schedule to this event other than our unofficial group photo.

Please join us for a lovely day strolling the grounds, viewing magnificent works of art, and enjoying the day in Jane Austen style.


• We do not sell tickets for this event. This is an unofficial event and the Huntington does not have anything to do with this "meet up" of costume loving Jane Austen friends.

• If you have a Huntington annual pass feel free to use it otherwise purchase your passes directly with the The Huntington.

• This is an unofficial community “meet-up” event.

• JOIN US FOR A GROUP PHOTO AT 1pm (approx) IN THE ROSE GARDEN AREA. (If you are having trouble finding us look for lots of folks, dressed appropriately, hanging around that area.)

• I am not organizing any tea times or other aspects of this day other than the group photo (approx. 1pm in the rose garden area), I am simply helping to organize a community “meet-up.”

• Please adhere to ALL Huntington Museum and Gardens rules and help us by setting a good example to all.

• THIS IS A DAY IN THE PARK REGENCY-STYLE and NOT A DANCE EVENT. The Huntington has a strict policy about unofficial dancing and we do not want to be banned. They made it clear last year that we could be in danger of that if members of our unofficial meet-up were observed dancing. It's their policy, this came from management, and we must respect their safety rules. As such please enjoy the intention of the event which is to stroll in fashion and enjoy this lovely historical site.

If others wish to organize other aspects to the day involving other non-dancing activities with friends or the community then please feel free to do so. (I simply don't want any further responsibility other than to put out the “call to gather.”)