Jack's Cats Vintage Swing Band at the Cicada Club in Downtown LA

05/31/2019 7:00 pm

Jack's Cats Vintage Swing Band, led by retro-reed man Jack Malmstrom, holds forth at the most beautiful dining and dancing venue in Los Angeles: The World Famous Cicada Club.

For this engagement, the quintet will feature in - addition to Jack's clarinet and tenor saxophoning - piano, guitar, drums, bass, and vibraphone.

The Cats' arrangements overflow with one half hand-picked standards, one half forgotten gems… and a third-half, Jack's Cats originals done in a period style. Dancing - as well as listening - is encouraged!

As the enthusiastic Mr. DeMille is ofttimes heard to exclaim: "It's gonna be swell, I'll say!"

Tickets, dinner reservations, and more information: http://www.cicadaclub.com/show.asp?id=21284