Jazz Age Dance (Avalon Ball Prep) #2 in Glendale

05/13/2017 12:45 pm
05/13/2017 4:00 pm

ImageThis workshop is offered as preparation for the Art Deco Society of Los Angeles's "Avalon Ball". While this is not an ADSLA sponsored event, it is presented by Walter Nelson, who co-founded the original Avalon Ball and is running the Avalon Ball this year for the ADSLA. It will also be useful to those not attending the ball, since the dances are usable for any 1920s-40s dance event.

This is part two of two: the classes complement each other, though attending the first is not a prerequisite for attending the second.

This class will focus on the social dances of the 1920s & 30s as they were really danced - using old movies as documentation and teaching aids. Beginners will find these dances extremely accessible, and experienced dancers will learn how to add a bit of Jazz Age flair to the dances they may already know.

We will begin with the most popular dance of the Jazz Age, the foundation of all the social dances of the 20th Century and the most popular dance in the galaxy for half a century: the Fox Trot in its original Jazz Age form - quite different from what is taught today.

It's easy to learn, free wheeling and infinitely adaptable: at home as smooth and romantic or wild and jazzy or even as a Latin dance.

Also covered will be the Jazz Age Waltz and Tango: also very different from their current forms. We will also talk about the Rumba, Charleston and the hybrid Swing-Foxtrot.

This class is VERY beginner friendly - Walter is something of a "dance whisperer" when it comes to people, especially men, who are hesitant, discouraged or unsure they can dance.

Beginners should be there by 12:45 for a review of basic fundamentals.

More advanced techniques (optional step patterns, lead-follow, styling) will be covered after that, and there will be ample opportunity for "free dancing".

$20 by cash or check, payable at the door. You can pay $30 for both classes together, if you do so at the first class.

Jazz Age style ('20s,'30s) attire encouraged but in no way required.

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Sparr Heights Community Center
1613 Glencoe Way, Glendale, CA 91208